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Overview of Adsense Biff - pro -
Adsense Biff -pro- is Google Desktop Gadget.

It manages Google AdSense earnings and clicks.

  • Product: AdSense for content, search, ,mobile and feed report. (new)
  • Currency: Support for multi currency.
  • Main window can customize by WYSIWYG.
  • Import : It is possible to import AdSense CSV report.
  • Chart: You can choose Y-axis data from impressions, earnings, clicks,.. in Option menu.
  • Estimation of earnings.
  • Calendar view earnings.
  • Alert: A sound and Desktop alert will notifiy you when a rapid increase in the click through count.
  • Confidentiality: It communicates with only google servers(*1). There is not a version check program either.
  • Password: It is encrypted.
  • This gadget development in JavaScript and Google Desktop API ONLY.

(*1) Chart generator: Google Chart API, Currency rate : Google Search Engine.

System requirements

Google Desktop (API) 5.5 or higher
I think that it will be able to use on Macintosh though it confirms only on Windows.


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